I used to be a horrible writer and struggled with English. I forced myself to read books beyond my reading level and write essays before I was taught in school. I read a lot of articles related to mental health and published online articles to help me retain the information I learned.

When I started secondary school, I applied as a writer to the school’s award winning magazine, Vanguard, not thinking I would get accepted. I applied because the worst they could say is “no.” I ended up getting accepted as the only freshman on the team, with the grand majority of the team being seniors. This boosted my confidence and got me to share my online articles to Psych2Go, again not believing I would get accepted. I was hired as the youngest writer and the only person in high school at the time. The rest of the team were in university or had graduated.

In 2013, I won a Rising Star Accolade for a restaurant review of Mill Street Brew Pub on Hubpages. I went on to write for others as a freelancer, working with growing businesses such as What the HypeI published my first book in 2017 and intend to publish more in the future.

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