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“Dancia runs circles around just about anyone with whom I’ve ever collaborated and still manages to have a life outside of her voracious appetite for work and progress… She often leaves me wondering if she’s a machine… Dancia’s ability to squeeze every last drop of time out of her day is nothing short of masterful efficiency.”

-John Lund, CEO of Bigger Footprint

“Fast and adaptive learner… driven to get tasks done right and her innovative thinking allows her to attain her goals and solve problems in a multitude of ways.”

-Tai Khuong, CEO of Psych2Go

“A jack of all trades… she puts 100% effort into every task… one of my go-to advisors for business consulting and social media marketing. On top of all her credentials, she’s a passionate individual who’s always smiling and looking forward to her next projects.”

-Matthew Giannone, CEO of Je Peux! Tutoring

“Working with Dancia is very inspirational… is community focused… eager to learn about a variety of subjects… She has the ability to explain things so that anyone can understand them, no matter how difficult the topic might be, making her a wonderful teacher and leader.”

-Jeremy Martin, Online Marketer at Underground On Top

“Multilingual, adaptable, and tremendously talented and organized. She brings greater professionalism, polish, and class to everything she’s a part of.”

-Brent Tharp, Award Winning Author 2016

“Displays excellent moral character and hard work in all her goals in this subject (mental health)… I would trust her fully in representing the needs of those who need help and cannot speak up.”

-Yuryi Tkachenko, Site Coordinator at GFL Environmental Inc.

“She is professional, tactful and honest… takes the time to thoroughly explain concepts and assignments which has been exponential in my vocal progress.”

-Ornella Kabongo, Budding Artist as a Rapper