• FEBE Nomination: Performing/Creative Arts Award 2019, Ottawa
  • Arts Award 2012


Words Unspoken (2021)

Collection of Thought (2017)

A poetry/photography book about losing the naivety of youth and using further questioning to develop a direction in life and learning to appreciate the things we often take for granted. The goal of this book is so that is can be read as a journey or used as a self-help book through self analysis and comparison. It is not written in the style of a self-help book. Published by Bumble D Books. Sold/was sold at Indigo’s The Book Company, Barely Bruised Books, Perfect Books, Manhattan Coffee Co.

Book signing: 26 June 2019 – Indigo’s The Book Company.


Poetry book about the things we as a society often sweep under the rug. Some topics include the modelling industry, abuse of power, violence, poor treatment of Indigenous people, and mental health. The goal is to raise awareness about the world around us and get a better understanding of other people’s perspectives to improve empathy and compassion (including self-compassion). 

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